FAQ [ Mediation ]
1. What is mediation?
  Mediation is a process in which parties having dispute settle their dispute voluntarily and amicably with the assistance of a mediator. A mediation session will be held within thirty (30) days after the parties have signed the Consent Agreement for Mediation.

2. What are the advantages of mediation?
    (a) encourages the disputing parties to exercise ultimate right to speak in resolving dispute;
    (b) promotes cooperation between parties;
    (c) saves time and cost;
    (d) assures confidentiality of all communications during negotiation;
    (e) preserves and improves relationship of the parties;
    (f) does not aggrieve any parties despite failure to obtain any resolution because justice remains preserved when the dispute is brought to court; and
    (g) often results in a mutual and amenable resolution decided by parties themselves.
  Any inquiries, please contact-
    (a) Mediation Division (civil)
    (b) Mediation Division (Syariah)