The Legal Aid Department's Panel of Solicitors is a group of private lawyers consisting of Advocates and Solicitors who possess official practicing certificates and have been appointed by the Director General of Legal Aid Department to assist in the civil and Syariah cases assigned to them with certain rate of fees that is borne by LAD. Cases that can be assigned to the panel of solicitors are;
  1. Cases that involve the eligibility of both parties that require legal aid assistance.
    The Director of Legal Aid cannot represent or act on the behalf of one or both parties in the dispute.
  2. Cases that involve complicated and complex legal issues.
  3. Cases that may result in the conflict of importance if represented by the Legal Aid Department.

Applicants interested will need to submit a written application to the Director General of Legal Aid Department alongside personal details and other relevant documents as follows:

  1. Full name and law firm address;
  2. Academic achievements/qualifications and experiences in the legal fields;
  3. A copy of the Practicing Certificate (latest); and
  4. A copy of State’s Syarie Counsel Certificate (latest and validated).
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