Panel of Solicitor

FAQ [ Panel of Solicitors ]
1. Who are the Legal Aid Department's (LAD) panel solicitors?
  The LAD's panel solicitors are private lawyers namely advocates and solicitors and syarie counsels appointed by the Director General of LAD to conduct civil and syariah cases assigned to them with certain rate of fees to be borne by LAD.
2. In what circumstances would a case be assigned to panel solicitors?
  A case will be assigned to panel solicitors if both parties are eligible for legal aid. In such a situation, LAD cannot act for any party to the dispute. Furthermore, a case may also be assigned to panel solicitors if it involves complex legal issues or conflict of interest if it is conducted by LAD.
3. Does a panel solicitor have the option whether to accept or decline a case?
  Yes. A case will be assigned only to a panel solicitor who agrees to conduct it.
4. I am a lawyer. How do I apply to be LAD's panel solicitor?
  You may apply online at and submit to the Director General your personal information and relevant supporting documents as follows:
    i) Full name, address, profile and insurance of law firm;
    ii) Academic achievement / qualification, years of work and experience in legal fields;
    iii) A copy of practicing certificate (latest); and
    iv) A certified copy of the State's Syarie Counsel Certificate (latest).
5. Is a panel solicitor required to update the status of his case to LAD? If yes, how?
  Yes. A panel solicitor is required to always update the status of his case to LAD through "SPK-JBG" system in
6. How does a panel solicitor claim his fees?
  A panel solicitor can claim his fees when his case is fully completed. To do so, he has to -
    i) return the case file to LAD which includes all the documents and cause papers; and
    ii) issues a bill to LAD according to the scale of fees as prescribed in the Second Schedule of the Legal Aid and Advice Regulations 1970 [P.U. (A) 299/1970].
  The bill will be approved and endorsed if the documents are complete and in order. Otherwise, the bill will be returned to him for amendment and further action.
  Any inquiries, please contact the Panel of Solicitors Division..Click here