Civil Mediation

Types of cases that are suitable for mediation are-

  1. Maintenance of wife and children
  2. Matrimonial assets
  3. Welfare of children
  4. Terms of dissolution of marriage under joint petition
  5. Motor vehicle accidents not involving insurance company
  6. Consumer claim


Syariah Mediation


1. To provide mediation services via following processes:

  a)  To mediate within thirty (30) days from the date of signing the agreement for mediation
  b) To witness the parties to sign the agreement for mediation
  c)  To conduct mediation after the case been registered
  d) To prepare an agreement after the settlement been achieved by the parties in dispute during mediation
  e) To witness the parties to sign the settlement agreement
  f) To hand over the file case which had been mediated to Syariah Litigation and Advice Division to record the consent judgment in court
  g) To update the Syariah Mediation Register Book and JBG SPK system for each mediation conducted
  h) To prepare pleadings for the cases which had been signed through settlement agreement to be brought to the court
2.  To update the statistics and reports on Syariah Mediation made by the headquarters and all Legal Aid Department branches monthly. 
3. To observe, supervise and provide help needed by all of the Legal Aid Department branches on Syariah Mediation services.
4. To provide information on the functions and roles of Legal Aid Department to the society in Syariah matters.


The cases which are suitable for mediation are :

1. Maintenance of wife
2. Iddah maintenance
3. Maintenance of children
4. Arrears of maintenance
5. Amendment of maintenance order
6. Child custody
7. Mutaah
8. Grant (Hibah)
9. Will (Wasiat)
10. Marital debt
11. Betrothal damages