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Discharge and Revocation of Certificate

Cancellation of Certificate

Under section 19 of the Legal Aid Act 1971 the Director General of Legal Aid or any person appointed under subsection 3(2) may cancel a legal aid certificate. According to regulation 7 of the Legal Aid Regulations 2017, a legal aid certificate may be revoked in any of the following circumstances:

  • at the request of the person to whom it is issued;
  • the applicant has been required to make a contribution and any payment in respect thereof is more than 30 days in arrears;
  • if the Director General is satisfied that the proceedings have been disposed of;
  • where the Director General is satisfied that the aided person has required the proceeding to be conducted unreasonably so as to incur an unjustifiable expense to the Department;
  • if the aided person has died;
  • if the aided person has had a receiving a bankruptcy;
  • if the income of the aided person exceeds RM50,000.00 per annum upon further determination;
  • if as a result of any information the Director General considers the aided person no longer has reasonable grounds of being a party to the proceedings and it is unreasonable for him to continue to receive legal aid;
  • if the aided person in furnishing information has knowingly made a false statement or false representation.