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Panel of Solicitor

Frequently Asked Questions [ Panel of Solicitor ]

2. In what circumstances would a case be assigned to panel solicitors?


A case will be assigned to panel solicitors if both parties are eligible for legal aid. In such a situation, LAD cannot act for any party to the dispute. Furthermore, a case may also be assigned to panel solicitors if it involves complex legal issues or conflict of interest if it is conducted by LAD.

3. Does a panel solicitor have the option whether to accept or decline a case?

Yes. A case will be assigned only to a panel solicitor who agrees to conduct it.

4. I am a lawyer. How do I apply to be LAD's panel solicitor?

 You may apply online at www.jbg.gov.my and submit to the Director General your personal information and relevant supporting documents as follows:

  i) Full name, address, profile and insurance of law firm;

  ii) Academic achievement / qualification, years of work and experience in legal fields;

  iii) A copy of practicing certificate (latest); and

  iv) A certified copy of the State's Syarie Counsel Certificate (latest).

5. Is a panel solicitor required to update the status of his case to LAD? If yes, how?


  Yes. A panel solicitor is required to always update the status of his case to LAD through "SPK-JBG" system in www.jbg.gov.my.

6. How does a panel solicitor claim his fees?


  A panel solicitor can claim his fees when his case is fully completed. To do so, he has to -

  i) return the case file to LAD which includes all the documents and cause papers; and

  ii) issues a bill to LAD according to the scale of fees as prescribed in the Second Schedule of the Legal Aid and Advice Regulations 1970 [P.U. (A) 299/1970].

  The bill will be approved and endorsed if the documents are complete and in order. Otherwise, the bill will be returned to him for amendment and further action.