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  1. LAD provides mediation service for all Malaysian citizen. Mediation is a process where parties to a dispute may resolve their dispute voluntarily and peacefully with the assistance of a third party known as the mediator.
  2. Mediation service is provided to the aided person in disputes which is related to any proceedings as stated in the Third Schedule of the Legal Aid Act 1971.
  3. If both parties to a dispute consented for mediation, the dispute will be settled within 30 days through mediation session attended by both parties.
  4. Parties are encouraged to use mediation service to settle their dispute amicably without going through complicated trial process in court considering that the mediation method is time saving and is targeted to achieve a win-win situation.


Types of cases which are suitable for mediation are:-

Civil mediation

  1. Maintenance of wife and children
  2. Matrimonial assets
  3. Welfare of children
  4. Terms for dissolution of marriage under joint petition
  5. Motor vehicle accidents not involving insurance company
  6. Consumer claim
  7. Small estate


Syariah mediation

  1. Maintenance of wife
  2. Iddah maintenance
  3. Maintenance of children
  4. Arrears of maintenance
  5. Variation of maintenance order
  6. Child custody
  7. Mutaah
  8. Grant (Hibah)
  9. Will (Wasiat)
  10. Marital debt
  11. Betrothal damages
  12. Matrimonial property