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RSS Disability Access (W3C)
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What is RSS?

RSS or RDF Site Summary is an application of XML (Extensible Markup Language) in accordance with the specifications W3Schools. It is a news syndication format used as an agent to get news or data online from web pages that support this application.

What RssReader?

RssReader is a program that allows you to receive news and information from websites that support RSS directly to your desktop. To learn more about RssReader, please visit this page http://www.rssreader.com/

RSS Website Legal Aid Department

RSS facility is provided for consumer use JBG's website for the latest information with respect to the latest information released by JBG. Through this application, it is hoped that JBG can channel information from JBG site more quickly and effectively.

Using RSS is also:

  1. You can choose to read the news you want and relevant to needs.
  2. You indirectly get information that can be trusted and which do not prevent the desired information (Spam).
  3. You can find the latest information about JBG more quickly and effectively.
  4. News or information presented is current without visiting this site.