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Team Fiat Justitia

Won the Innovative and Creative Convention (KIK) Competition at Federal Territories Islamic Regilous Councils Concils (MAIWP) Level which was held on 10 April 2019. This Competition was participated by nine (9) KIK teams from agencies under MAIWP. The MAIWP-JBG (Legal Aid Department) Strategic Collaboration Project involves ‘asnaf’ of MAIWP who will receive advice and Sharie aid provided for free by Federal Territories’ Legal Aid Department and the legal costs will be fully borne by MAIWP. Fiat Justitia Team consisting of 10 members is comprised of six (6) members from MAIWP and four (4) members from JBG. The leader of this team is Encik Muhammed Zaid bin Mohamed Azlan. This project was sealed between both sides on 20 December 2018. It focused on 2 main aspects for instance eliminating appointment of MAIWP’s private lawyer panel and developing a system known as e-SBS (e-Sistem Bantuan Sharie) (e-Sharie Aid System). The result of this project could be seen from cost saving aspect that is significant towards cost of panel lawyer appointment which was borne by MAIWP all this while and shorten the time of settling a case. In light of that, e-SBS system is developed to monitor this project. After winning the competition at MAIWP level, Fiat Justitia is desirous to participate in competitions of higher level, such as at Prime Minister Department and national level.