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Guideline for Dealings at the Service Counter of Legal Aid Department

 1. The following Covid-19 preventive measures shall always be practiced:
I. All customers shall at all times wear face mask whilst present at the premise of Legal Aid Department;
Ii. Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands frequently; and
Iii. Make sure that social distancing is practiced (at least 1 meter).
2. All customers shall have their temperature checked before dealing at the counter.
3. Customer shall fill-in the personal details form provided whilst dealing at the counter.
4. If customer feel feverish or are unwell whilst present for an appointment, customer is advised to obtain medical check-up and treatment at clinic before making new appointment.
5. If customer has prolonged medical problem such as cough or cold, customer is required to obtain in advance letter from hospital or clinic confirming that such illness is not an infectious disease before making new appointment.
6. All customers shall be present alone and not accompanied.
7. All customers are not allowed to bring along their child whilst dealing.